Monday, February 22, 2010

Tricks using Google adsense script on his blog

Google adsense, it could provide the opportunity for adsense publishers to obtain additional income from the internet. By karenya many people have signed up to google adsense publishers. If we had been approved by google adsense, then we can start the install script from google adsense ads on your blog / site us, so that from google adsense ads can appear on your blog / site us. How to install the script from google adsense ads on our blogs is easy kok.

To be able to take a script from google adsense ads and install scripts from google adsense ads on your blog / site we are, how we log in to an account http://google.com/adsense with ours. Then we click ADSENSE SETUP, we chose to disiti put adsense for search (search engine) or adsense for content (from google adsense ads). Then follow the prompts. Adsense for content for the unit, we can choose the type of display ads, will select the text or a picture or wrote two - both.

Besides adsense units, we can put adsense text link. If you have then we click GET CODE, ambli code scriptna and put it in your blog / site us.

In the blog on blogspot, for installing scripts from google adsense ads, we select add gadgets and select the HTML script, a copy of the Google adsense script and save. In addition we can also use google adsense widget from blogger.

If the script is placed ads on their blogs / sites we are, then from google adsense ads can appear on our blog. And if visitors blog / site that we have mengeklick our advertising, we can be paid from google adsense, in an account of our adsense. Pay out minimum is $ 100. But do not cheat, clicking their own ads or have someone ngeklick our adsense ads. Because we are an account could be banned by google adsense.

Indonesia To Blog-speaking, usually from google adsense ads will appear in the form of public service ads, and will not generate dollars for us, although diklick by visitors blog.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tips & Tricks Looking for Jobs

If you want a job, try to follow this step by step
  • Before we look for a job, consider what the most we can do, what formal education, our abilities, our skills, talents or skills are there outside of our education.
  • Find the job information as much as possible either through newspapers, radio, Internet, Post Office, the Office of Labor, the job market, teachers, friends and etc.
  • Once we get the job order list of jobs we want and in accordance with our ability to sequence jobs that do not fit with our capabilities.
  • We prepare a job applicant's documents from the first sequence to five, then we follow up to the companies that need, should not be in the mail, directly to the company so that we can know the level of the company bona fide
  • be continue...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unemployment, Job Hunting Employment and Business Opportunities

Why a lot of unemployment in Indonesia?
I note, unemployment occurs because many of our society who do not have full willingness and will strive to get a dream job. They just hope the job easy, enjoy with a sufficient salary. They do not want to know that success requires a process and a long struggle. Educational background, social strata, families and the environment also shapes the way a person thinks. Many of us who depend on government jobs, they think that the Civil Service is the most honorable job, so that when the government open up the jobs, in all governmental offices filled with job seekers, so the actual job opportunities are limited, contested by thousands and thousands of prospective employees. this condition triggers many violations in the recruitment process clerk. Tight competition into a business opportunity for certain people who take advantage of these conditions. And our society a lot of ways of thinking instant. so many are tempted to use any means to achieve his dream.
To be continued ....